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Detail schilderij Paula Evers


brauckmann-art presents a special group of artists at International Art Fairs

The intention of brauckmann-art is to select and bring together special artists in all disciplines. They've been doing this with great success for the last 30 years.

On the fairs we present a number of artists with their different disciplines like paintings, sculptures and photographs


Paula EversWith abstract works in powerful colour areas where you are sucked in as a viewer.

Walter Rast and his tactile works with references to Greek mythology and with texts from Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Genesis, among others.

Frank Boogaard with his fascinating bronzes that enclose his inner emotions.

Sophie Brauckmann with her meditative views. Nature in its mysterious simplicity.

The artist duo Monique van Laake and Teun Anders with their photo drawings.
Photography that takes on a new meaning through a silhouette and where you as a viewer are misled.
Spots become eyes, branches become a mouth. Nothing is what it is.

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